Course Title: AutoCAD 3D

Course Objectives
Upon completion of this course, students will be able to create 3D model, manipulate a drawing within 3D space, and render the model for visualization purposes. This course teaches students the basic concept of AutoCAD 3D modeling.

Course Outline
Module 1: Introduction to AutoCAD 3D
* Types of 3D Models
* Surface Modeling
* Solid Modeling
* Basic viewing in 3D
* Rotating the View
* Adding Thickness to 2D Objects
* Setting the Elevation
* Using Multiple Viewports

Module 2: Working with 3D Coordinates
* AutoCADí»s 3D Coordinate System
* Using Object Snaps in 3D
* Point Filters
* Introduction to the User Coordinate System
* Moving the UCS Origin
* The UCS View Option
* The UCS 3 Point Option
* Working with Multiple UCSs

Module 3: Advanced UCS Options
* Tracking the Screen
* The UCS X, Y, and Z Options
* Saving a UCS by Name
* OrthoGraphic UCSs
* Named Views in 3D

Module 4: Creating More Complex Surfaces
* Extruded (Tabulated) Surface
* Revolving Surface
* Creating Surfaces form Edges
* Creating Rules Surfaces
* Editing 3D Surfaces

Module 5: Simple Solids
* Solid Modeling
* Creating Boxes and Wedges
* Creating Cylinders and Cones
* Creating Spheres and Tori

Module 6: Creating Composite Solids
* Boolean Operations
* Joining Solids
* Subtracting Solids
* Finding the Common Volumes
* Interference Checking

Module 7: 2D Drawings from 3D Models
* 2D Views from 3D Solids
* Creating Hidden Line Views
* Creating Profiles from Solids
* Inserting Rendered Images

Module 8: Creating Solids from 2D Objects
* Swept Solids
* Extruded Solids
* Revolved Solids
* The UCS Face Option

Module 9: Rendering
* Rendering Concepts
* Attaching Materials to the Model
* Scenes and Lighting
* Adding Extras

Module 10: Refining the View
* Perspective Views
* Working with Camera and Target
* Clip Planes

Module 11: Adding Features to Solids
* Creating 3D Fillets
* Creating 3D Chamfers
* Slicing a Solid along a Plane
* Cross-Sectional Views

Module 12: Working with Layouts
* Layouts: A Review
* Creating a New Layout
* Creating More Viewports
* Controlling Viewport Display
* Guidelines for Using Layouts
* Special Floating Viewpoints Setup
* Hidden Lines and Curved Surfaces

Module 13: Advanced Solid Editing
* Using the SOLIDEDIT Command
* Extruding and Offsetting Faces
* Moving and Rotating Faces
* Tapering a Face
* Creating a Shell
* Removing Parts
* Imprinting and Cleaning
* Additional Options

Module 14: Editing in 3D
* Aligning Objects in 3D
* Mirroring Objects in 3D
* Rotating Objects in 3D
* Arraying Objects in 3D
* Getting Information about 3D Objects

Module 15: Simple Surface Objects
* Creating Flat 3D surfaces
* 3D Surface Primitives